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Snail Mail Organization With Style

Clutter is visually exhausting. The biggest clutter issue for many of my clients is paper. Piles and piles of paper create a negative atmosphere in any space and can become overwhelming.

Be Eco-Friendly and Reduce Your Mail
Want to reduce the amount of mail you receive? Save paper, time and postage by paying bills online. It also will help you keep track of the bills. It’s easy, it’s efficient, and it’s earth-friendly.
I hate junk mail. There are several great resources available to help you reduce unwanted junk mail. Save a tree and check out, Catalog Choice, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, or TreeHugger.
Tackling the Mail – Simple Tips & Getting Stylishly Organized
Set-up a “one-stop-sorting” workstation for all incoming mail. Make sure you have a surface you can work on. The kitchen counter works for me! The station should include a small file holder or box, a letter-opener, pair of scissors and— a must— recycling bin, shredder or waste basket close at hand.
Here are some stylish file holders or boxes that caught my eye and would dress up any workspace…
This vintage wire tray is simply charming. Found at See Jane Run.
Love this aqua, brown and red mail sorter. So practical, yet fashionable.
This folder box by Semikolon has a classic European design and bold color palette making it a perfect choice for brightening up your workstation.
This sweet chartreuse file folder holder found at Paper Source is beautifully constructed in an elegant blossom linen bookcloth and includes six coordinating file folders. Love the butterfly folder!
Use your designated sorting station daily to tackle incoming mail. First and right away, recycle or toss all junk mail, catalogs, or unwanted promotions. Shred any mail that might contain personal information (SS#, phone #s, medical record #s, etc.). Second, file all mail you need to save. Here are some suggested categories:
• To Pay – bills to be paid
• To Act – rsvp to an event, make a call, etc.
• To File – papers to be filed in your main home filing system (i.e. bank or insurance statements, etc.)• To Read – magazine or catalog
And of course, you need to store all that paper in some pretty little file folders. Here are some of my favorites:
Thomas Paul delivers again… Love these fun file folders in yummy colors and vintage prints.
These Simple Pink folders by Papaya feature soft hues and a sweet bird on a cherry blossom branch and can be purchased at Paper Source.
These chic file folders feature a Rajasthani Paisley pattern found in Indian art. I also love the playful color combinations of chartreuse, curry, papaya and red.

Now go tackle that pile of mail with a sense of style.
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