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Friday Finds :: Spring Cleaning Essentials

disclosure: This post (spring cleaning essentials) contains some affiliate links, which means Simplified Bee receives commission if you make a purchase using these links.

sheepadoodle puppy

Our Sheepadoodle puppy, Dino (sometimes referred to as dirty dino and pictured above via instagram) has been with us a year now and although we love him dearly, he makes keeping our home clean a real challenge. He enters the house from outside and reminds me of pig pen from The Peanuts. So, I am pretty much vacuuming the floors on a daily basis. (agh.)

All this cleaning has me thinking of  my favorite spring cleaning essentials (while it’s still spring!). I love that so many cleaning products are eco-friendly, help reduce clutter and are now super stylish … which just makes the task much more fun, don’t you think?

spring cleaning essentials // @simplifiedbee #cleaning #springcleaning

:: product links ::

1 grapefruit all-purpose cleaner :: 2 laundry bin :: 3 clear shoe bins :: 4 HEPA filter vacuum :: 5 rose gold trash can

:: even more favorites ::

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Design Trend :: Indoor Fern Plants

disclosure: This indoor fern plants post contains some affiliate links, which means Simplified Bee receives commission if you make a purchase using these links.

indoor fern plants #interiorplants

Fiddle figs, succulents and palms have been very popular houseplants in the last few years. Recently I’ve also noticed a trend for indoor fern plants – once a huge favorite for the home in the 1970s. Producing beautiful lush green foliage, ferns help purify the air and act as natural humidifiers – loving that here in the dry, high Sierras!

hanging fern terrariums

With over 10,000 known species of fern in the world, selecting one could get a little overwhelming. To make the choice easier, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites indoor fern plants – I think you’ll love them too!indoor fern plants // favorites from @simplifiedbee

:: links for indoor fern plants ::

1 boston fern :: 2 crocodile fern :: 3 asparagus fern :: 4 maidenhair fern :: 5 button fern

If you are interested in incorporating ferns in your home, here’s a great fern care guide via BHG. If growing plants isn’t your thing, yet you’d still like to bring the fern pattern indoors, here are some favorite home decor items featuring ferns:

*images via apartment therapy & mooi wat planten doen

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5 Favorites :: Organizing Your Home

organized mudroom #getorganized

(image via remodelista)

Hello 2017! With the new year brings new resolutions. One goal that may top your list is organizing your home. However, this can be easier said than done! Cleaning closets, organizing the entry, and clearing the clutter takes planning, time and motivation. In the spirit of getting organized in 2017, I’m sharing 5 simple ways to get organized.
ONE :: HOOKSsimple entry with hooks and bench

Entryways are a dumping ground for coats, shoes and bags. Make the space more orderly with wall hooks to hang items. I love this example by Coco.Kelley.

TWO :: BASKETSorganized linen closet with baskets

Linen closets can get messy quickly if they are not planned out. I recommend baskets with tags to keep the space well organized. Here Ballard Designs uses chic woven baskets house toilet paper and bedding.

THREE :: PIN BOARDScork wall // home office

I’m a huge fan of pin boards to keep important papers organized and top of mind. This cork wall is not only a great way to keep announcements, invites and important documents organized, it’s a decor statement. Love!


acrylic front drawers // closet organization

Acrylic storage is a favorite of mine for obvious reasons – you can see everything inside saving so much time. I love this example of acrylic drawer front for a closet I spotted on My Domaine.


waterworks bathroom accessories // @simplifiedbee #oneroomchallengetrays // organized kitchen // @simplifiedbee

I love trays for organizing. I use them throughout the house to corral items. Above are two examples of how I use trays in my own home. The first is a ceramic tray to house bathroom essentials and the second is a simple wooden tray to keep oils, spices and other kitchen items organized beautifully.

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Mind & Body :: Chesapeake Bay Candle

chesapeake bay candle // mind & body

Recently I received a lovely assortment of candles and diffusers from the Mind & Body Collection by Chesapeake Bay Candle. The arrival of this new lifestyle collection of home fragrance products couldn’t have come at a better time. Our kitchen remodel has run into some roadblocks that have added additional stress to our lives and we needed a little wellness. The Chesapeake Bay’s Mind & Body Collection offers eight soothing scents available in a range of formats, including jar candles, reed diffusers, and pillar candles in three sizes. And all are very reasonably priced!

Chesapeake Bay Candle // Harmony

The first candle I gravitated to was Peace & Tranquility. I love the simple, yet elegant white frosted glass jar which looks great in any room. Clean, airy and exotic, this candle delivers a beautiful aroma blending floral namely jasmine, cotton blossom, and rose with woody elements including cashmere and sandalwood. I also loved that the soy wax blend candle with a lead-free cotton wick burns cleanly – perfect for the healthy home. This beauty is going to be enjoyed in our new kitchen and a calming reminder to look at the positives in life.

Chesapeake Bay Candle // Peace + Tranquility

Other favorites from the collection include Joy + Laughter (cranberry dahlia) and Reflection + Clarity (sea salt sage) – be sure to check out the entire collection here!

*disclosure: products provided by Chesapeake Bay Candle, however all commentary is my own.

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