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sheepadoodle puppy

Our Sheepadoodle puppy, Dino (sometimes referred to as dirty dino and pictured above via instagram) has been with us a year now and although we love him dearly, he makes keeping our home clean a real challenge. He enters the house from outside and reminds me of pig pen from The Peanuts. So, I am pretty much vacuuming the floors on a daily basis. (agh.)

All this cleaning has me thinking of  my favorite spring cleaning essentials (while it’s still spring!). I love that so many cleaning products are eco-friendly, help reduce clutter and are now super stylish … which just makes the task much more fun, don’t you think?

spring cleaning essentials // @simplifiedbee #cleaning #springcleaning

:: product links ::

1 grapefruit all-purpose cleaner :: 2 laundry bin :: 3 clear shoe bins :: 4 HEPA filter vacuum :: 5 rose gold trash can

:: even more favorites ::

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