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Elfed at Christmas Printout and Hot Cocoa Recipe

Starting in December, my kids enjoy “elfing” our neighbors and friends. It works like this: Someone starts by secretly dropping treats with instructions at two houses. Don’t get caught!  Then those two families are asked to continue the fun by elfing two more houses. Once elfed you are supposed to post the image of an elf near the front door so they don’t get elfed again. We think it’s a fun way to pass along some Christmas cheer!
This year we decided to created baskets with hot cocoa jars, candy canes and other goodies.
In each basket, I included a recipe for hot cocoa to go along with the premade mix in the jar.  Above is the revised version of a recipe for creamy hot cocoa I found on allrecipes.com.

Here are the “elfed” printouts I used this year. So cute, don’t you think? I found the downloads for free at Anders Ruff via Pinterest.

Have you been elfed?
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Christmas Breakfast with Elf on a Shelf

The Adventure’s of Tartanscot had a Holiday Decorating Contest and here’s my entry…

elf on shelf christmas breakfast table
It’s a joyful Christmas morning and the table is set for breakfast {well, brunch most likely!} The vintage “elf on the shelf” inspired the traditional red & green color scheme. I love when period styles are blended, so there’s a mix of modern, vintage and contemporary elements.
elf shelf christmas breakfast table above
The table features two table runners crisscrossing, both with fun prints. One is actually two dish towels from Crate & Barrel put together {shhh}… can you tell which one? The centerpiece consists of a sparkly snowman, Swedish Kosta Boda crystal snowball votive and red roses {Trader Joes, thank you very much!} with heather {from the garden} in a milk glass bowl (from an estate sale}. Here’s how to make the floral centerpiece.
elf modern christmas table red green design
Glittery, lime green snowflake ornaments are used as napkin rings {from Crate & Barrel}.
elf tabletop snacks for santa
The table even includes a note to Santa with nibbled snacks from the wee hours of the morning.
elf tabletop red glass ornaments twigself on shelf christmas table design ideas
And as you can see, that little elf keeps hopping around… he just wouldn’t sit still!
Happy Holidays!
*all photos by Cristin Priest for Simplified Bee®
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