Design Reveal :: Traditional Boy’s Bedroom

traditional boy's bedroom with high ceiling

It’s the small details that make interiors special and this is especially true when it comes of designing kid’s rooms. Although my client’s son’s bedroom was charming before, adding art, storage and a work area personalized and maximized the space.

The young boy loves Legos and has created some wonderful pieces that needed a home. Taking advantage of the room’s beautiful high pitched ceiling, I had a custom display shelf built the length of the the entire wall. Now his Lego creations are stored neatly (and safely!). They also add such wonderful color and texture to the room. For now the shelf stores Legos, but in the future as the child’s interests change it could be used for other collections such as books, trophies or photographs in the future.

boy's bedroom with vintage airplane artwork

By adding a table and chairs under the shelf, I created an area for the boy to work on this Lego projects. I  selected a traditional drop-leaf table could expand for larger projects and had storage shelves underneath to tuck away works in progress. The clean-lined red chairs were added for a fun pop of color.

Originally a large scale black and white photo of a vintage airplane was going to be placed above the table. However, my client and I were drawn to this art-wall first seen on Pinterest. Purchased on Etsy, twelve different vintage airplane prints were placed in a simple, white frame and hung.

boy's bedroom red chair and letter pillowboy's bedroom with lego storage shelfboy's bedroom lego shelf


 I love how these special, personalized design elements pulled together the room. Don’t you?


*photo credit: PlumLily

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