Tips on How to Wrap a Gift

Sometimes what makes a present so special is the way it’s wrapped. Knowing how to wrap a gift is a good skill to have. Here’s a simple tutorial on wrapping a rectangular box, but this could be easily applied to other shape packages as well.
gift wrap how to // simplified bee

Supplies you’ll need:

how to wrap a gift
The secret to a neat package is to not use excess paper. Determine how much gift wrap you’ll need by placing the box along the length of the paper. Then unroll enough so that it wraps around the box with a 2” overlap. Also make sure that there is adequate wrapping paper at the ends to cover them completely when folded down. Use a pencil to mark where the overlaps end. If cutting in a straight line is a challenge or your paper doesn’t have a guide, use a rule to help you keep your cutting in line.
wrapping paper how to // simplified bee

2. Draw paper around smoothly and tape with double stick tape.

3. If you do have excess paper, fold over to created the right fit.

4. Use double stick tape to secure the second side in place.

gift wrap // corner how to

5. Fold down the top part of the wrapping paper and tape in place.

6. Crease the sides and fold inward. Fold the bottom flap into a triangle {fold tip if desired}. Tape in place.

7. Tape the bottom flap to the box. Repeat steps 5 – 7 for the other side.

using excess wrapping paper as ribbon
To finish off the look, add a ribbon or two. I like to layer ribbons that compliment the wrapping paper. Here I wrapped the package with a green & white striped gift wrap leftover and secured it with tape. Then I wrapped a smaller width vintage red velvet ribbon and taped it in place.
gift wrap how to complete

The bow on top was created using recycled ribbons.

how to tie a simple bow #giftwrap
how to wrap a gift #tutorial

Add a card, gift tag or small ornament to personalize the gift.

gift wrap finishing touches
Vintage brooches, antique silverware, colorful buttons and other flea-market finds also make perfect finishing touches to a gift. {all images above via  Country Home 2008}
fabric reusable gift wrap how to
Furoshiki, a Japanese gift wrapping technique, uses a large piece of fabric for wrapping gifts. This is good for the environment because there is no paper waste. It’s also chic and economical because it can be used again. Visit Joybucket for a tutorial on making fabric reusable gift wrap {image above via Joybucket}.
gift ribbon straighting technique easy

Recycling ribbon is also a good thing, but what if it’s wrinkled? Real Simple shows us a great technique to get the kinks out using a flat iron.

Are your gift wrap supplies out of control? For gift wrap storage solutions go here.

Happy Holidays!
* all photo by Cristin Priest for Simplified Bee or otherwise stated.
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