DIY Ribbon Chandelier in Shades of Purple

This spring we have hosted several family celebrations. One was for my daughter. She requested the event be “purple.” Originally I was going to add pops of black into the color scheme, but my Mom said it would look too harsh. I agreed and instead mixed shades of purple. The result was feminine, fresh and fun.
pretty purple party decor details // Simplified Bee

To capture the moment, I hired Jennifer Jacobson Photography. She took all of the images in the collage above. I think she did an amazing job!

martha stewart ribbon chandelier and cake stand
Martha Stewart’s ribbon chandelier was my inspiration and starting point for decorating the party’s main table.

diy ribbon chandelier how to

To make the ribbon “chandelier”, I first wrapped lavender satin ribbon around a 12-inch wreath form to cover the surface of the form. Using three colors of satin ribbon – lavender, purple and white – I cut lengths of about 16 inches. Then I created a pattern by knotting cut pieces of ribbon around the wreath at their midpoints.

DIY ribbon chandelier // Simplified Bee
The ribbon “chandelier” was hung using three smaller cut lavender ribbons and tied to my dining room’s chandelier. I love the whimsical touch and the way it pulled the color scheme together.

Next I will share the floral arrangements and block print tablecloth made for the party!

Wishing you a great weekend!
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