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DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? It’s okay, you don’t have to be shy about it. I do too. Valentine’s Day decor, unlike Christmas or even Halloween, is more subtle. It’s simple, and not overdone. It also doesn’t have to be expensive. For example, how cute are these DIY conversation heart pinatas made by DIY Studio?!

DIY conversation heart pinatas // Valentine's Day

If you are up for a little project, I’ve rounded up several other really cute DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas and am sharing them today over at Wayfair.



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Free Valentine’s Day Printable for Pencil

For the last few years I’ve notice a trend in trading Valentines at my kids’ school. In almost every instance the Valentine included something sweet and I’m not referring to the look or wording. I’m referring to candy. My kids come home with tons of sweets. Although they are thrilled, it makes me wonder when did Valentine’s Day become Halloween? In an effort to reduce the sugar my children consume and their classmates, I’ve asked my favorite graphic designer, Ciera of Ciera Design to create a Valentine’s Day card that would hold a sweet, but sugar-free pencil. Here’s what we came up with…

free valentine's day printable - arrows and feathered pencils - simplified bee

So cute, right? Don’t you love the fun arrow and triangle patterns with pops of coral, pink and tangerine? To coordinate with the four designs, I ordered four packs of white pencils with special messaging in gold lettering especially for this project  -“XOXO”, “Oh Happy Day!”, “Your’re All Write By Me”, and my fave, “Love is All You Need.”

free valentine's day printable for kids // simplified bee

For this project you’ll need white pencils (messaging optional, but ordered here), although standard yellow would work too, scissors (a hole punch is also handy), a color printer and white paper (a heavier card stock works best) and the free PDF file.  White feathers and gold twine wrapped around the top of the pencil is optional.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • download the free Valentine’s Day printable (PDF download here), print on white card stock paper and cut out (four cards per page)
  • using scissors or hole punch (this would be easier for kids), cut or punch at the marked lines
  • write in the “to” and “from” (gold marker looks great!)
  • create an arrow look by wrapping white feathers like this around each pencil and tying with gold twine (although adorable, this is time consuming and a more expensive option)
  • slide one pencil through the holes allowing the pencil message to be visible
  • that’s it! super easy right?

free arrow valentine's day printable  // simplified beefree valentine printable - pencil holder - simplified beefree valentine's day printable for pencil - simplified bee

I hope you like this Valentine’s Day project as much as I do!

Happy crafting,


*all images by Ciera Design for Simplified Bee

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentines XOXO garlandsweet valentine wishes card

If I could send you a Valentine card, it would be this one.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


PS – Here’s the how to on the diy XOXO banner!


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My New BFF :: Glassybaby

When do you light a candle? For a romantic dinner for two? To celebrate a birthday? In prayer for a loved one? To help you slow down and relax? I light candles for all of these reasons. And I love the beautiful light that glows from my new bff glassybaby pink votive.

pink glassybaby votive

As a fellow cancer survivor, I love the story behind glassybaby too. It’s founder, Lee Rhodes is a three time cancer survivor who was raising three small children and searching for peace and calm.  She found it when she dropped a tea light into a handblown, glass cup.  The color and light helped her slow down and heal.  She wanted to help others heal.  She opened a glassblowing studio and glassybaby was born.

vignette with pink votive candle

Lee also wanted to help the many patients she met in chemo rooms who could not afford day to day costs that are not covered by health insurance like groceries and childcare.  glassybaby has now donated more than one million dollars from sales to charities dedicated to healing and helping patients with those needs. Isn’t that fantastic?!

Wouldn’t you agree, a hand blown glass candle holder by glassbaby would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift?

*photo credit: Cristin Priest // Simplified Bee


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