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Kitchen Pantry Ideas

gray butler's pantry #kitchens

A beautiful, functional butler’s pantry. It’s a space most of us only dream of having. While not all homes have the space or layout for a large butler’s pantry, most kitchens can incorporate a pantry. They can be designed in a variety of ways and sizes. Some are located in a side closet and separated by a door, while others are in a hallway just off the kitchen. One of my favorite pantry style is built-in and a central part of the kitchen itself.

Here are just a few kitchen pantry ideas …

kitchen pantry ideas

This built-in pantry by Brayer Design has the look and feel of a refrigerator. Love the racks on the cabinet door for spices and smaller items.

kitchen pantry cabinetry ideas

Here is a similar pantry by Leslie Ann Abbott that is flush with the refrigeration units.

kitchen pantry under the stairs

The space underneath a stairwell sometimes goes unused. In this kitchen by Mark Williams Design Associates a clever and very stylish pantry is created giving a little more storage.

archway kitchen pantry

Spotted on Pinterest, I love this pantry with arched cabinetry doors. Makes a lovely architectural statement.

colorful kitchen pantry

A hallway can also be a great place for a pantry. Love this one by Karen Swanson. The colorful cabinetry and patterned wallpaper is so playful next to the all white kitchen.

Inspired? Me too.

happy decorating,


*first image via DecorPad

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Traditional & Colorful Interior Design by Miles Redd

New York based Interior Designer, Miles Redd (aka “king of color”) continues to live up to the colorful reputation. Elle Decor recently featured a Hudson Valley house designed by architect Gil Schafer and decorated by Redd. The homeowners wanted a home that was rich in tradition and had a functional floor-plan. The result is a gorgeous, color rich 7,500 square foot countryside home.

green and turquoise living room by Miles Redd

“It was important to consider Gil’s marvelous architecture,” says Redd. “The proportions, the moldings, and the amazing staircase set the tone.” He found a Sultanabad rug in rich hues of peacock-blue with greens and reds. “That was the springboard for us,” he explains, and its palette ultimately provided the subtle cohesion of color that holds true throughout the rooms. – Elle Decor

Formal Living Room by Miles Reddgourmet eat-in kitchen by Miles ReddFarrow and Ball Hague Blue cabinetsOscar de la Renta iron bedgreen floral de Gournay wallpaperGuest Room by Miles Redd

 Simplified Bee’s favorite design elements: the butler’s pantry in Hague Blue by Farrow & Ball, wrought-iron bed by Oscar de la Renta fitted with a canopy of silk in the master bedroom and layers of color & texture in the living room. 

For more information and images, visit Elle Decor!

*Styled by: Carlos Mota; Photo: William Waldron

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San Francisco Decorator Showcase: Modern Kitchen Pantry

Although this year’s Decorator Showcase in San Francisco has come to a close, I wanted to show you some details in the “Modern Kitchen Pantry” designed by Tinsley Hutson-Wiley and Allison Bloom. The design duo was tasked with designing a new kitchen while leaving the old one in tact. The is result is simply beautiful.
Just off the formal dining room, this secondary kitchen was envisioned to be a space to prep for dinner, grab afternoon snack or enjoy a cup of tea. The lone window overlooks the San Francisco Bay and route ships would take importing tea and spices. Paneling covers a wall that had to stay and a large tone on tone Union Jack was painted as a nod to teatime. Open shelving allows this galley kitchen feel larger and airy.
galley kitchen white zinc counters
The designers hung two beautiful geometric pendants in ebony by Ralph Lauren and painted the floors white.
White ceramic tile with dark contrasting grout covers the opposite wall. The existing countertops needed to be preserved and were covered with zinc.

The leather pulls on the cabinets are the absolute best!

wooden cutting boards hung kitchen
The design team created a spot for tea by the window and hung wooden bread and cutting boards on the wall. Love this!
burlap curtain pantry
A pantry for tea, spices and snacks is built at the far end of the kitchen. A single floor-length burlap drape is the perfect touch and complements the burlap Roman shade on the opposite window.
kitchen herbs vase white

It’s a small detail, but I loved how the designers placed fresh cooking herbs in simple white vases by the stove-top.

Teatime anyone?
*photos by Cristin Priest and John Merkl
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Organizing the Kitchen Pantry in 5 Simple Steps

Is your pantry an eyesore? Are you buying duplicate food items because you don’t know what’s inside? Has your pantry had any unwanted visitors lately {i.e. ants}?

photo source: BHG KitchenBathIdeas

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it is time to organize your kitchen pantry. Does this seem like a daunting task? If so, here are five steps to help you organize your pantry with beauty and function:

photo source: BHG KitchenBathIdeas

First – Clear, Discard & Sort
Remove all the items from the pantry and place into boxes based product similarity (i.e. cereals, snacks, canned soups, pasta, baking products, etc.). In the process, check expiration dates and throw away products that have expired {recycle the container / packaging if possible}.

photo source: Martha Stewart

Second – Clean
Clean the pantry shelves and floor with a damp towel.

photo source: La Dolce Vita

Third – Assess
Determine the group of items {cereals} that you use most frequently. With a post-it-note mark that box number one. Proceed to number all boxes from most frequently accessed to least. Also make notes on items that are out-of-stock and need to be replenished.

photo source

Fourth – Make it Pretty
Use decorative storage containers to hold certain items {i.e. tea, rice, flour } and to help you maintain a clutter-free pantry. I particularly like baskets, tins and jars to hide unsightly items. If you opt for plastic, buy BPA (Bisphenol) free containers. BPA is a chemical in many polycarbonate plastics that may breakdown and add harmful chemicals to food. Avoid types 3 and 7 plastics because they may contain BPA.

There are so many adorable ways to label the container like the DIY glass-etched storage jars above from Martha Stewart. It’s also important to determine the type and size of container needed before beginning this project.

photo source: Country Living
Fifth – Arrange
Ideally your most used items should be placed at eye-level {except for heavy items such as large water bottles which would need to be at the floor level}. Again use post–it-notes to number / categorize which shelve each group of items will be housed. Fill the shelves on the appropriate shelf. If you are running out of space, consider storing non-essential items in the garage or basement.

Have you organized your pantry? If so, what tips do you have for keeping your pantry organized?

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